CRSA Sprint Cars Schedule - 2022

CRSA Sprints - Winged

As of 10/7/2022
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PosCarDriverHometownWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
129Dalton HerrickMcDonough, NY21216162596-
266Jordan HuttonHannibal, NY281616257422
39KKyle PierceSpencer, NY1712162471125
425WDana WagnerTrout Creek, NY1411162431165
513TTrevor YearsHoneoye, NY310162376220
6J27John CunninghamPompey, NY25152279317
71QThomas RadivoyCircleville, NY66142068528
828Ron GreekEast Merideth, NY127131965631
922Tomy MoreauSherbrooke, QC27131887709
107WCalvin WheelockGreene, NY1131758838

I-90 Pit Stop Challenge Races - 2022

CRSA Sprints - Winged

As of 9/16/2022
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PosCarDriverHometownWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
13AJeff TrombleyAltamont, NY2666999-
266Jordan HuttonHannibal, NY136697029
329Dalton HerrickMcDonough, NY46695049
448JRDarryl RugglesHopewell, NY134693663
525WDana WagnerTrout Creek, NY5690495
69KKyle PierceSpencer, NY146894105
713TTrevor YearsHoneoye, NY26848151
8J27John CunninghamPompey, NY25799200
91QThomas RadivoyCircleville, NY445787212
1028Ron GreekEast Merideth, NY125747252
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