Utica Rome Speedway Official Results – 09/10/2016 FEATURE (20 Laps): MIKE KISER (1), Kyle Smith, Cory Sparks, Jeff Trombley, Josh Pieniazek, Josh Flint, Brett Jaycox, J.R. Hurlburt, Dana Wagner, Dalton Herrick, Emily VanInwegen, Jeremy Quick, Jeremiah Munson, Darryl Ruggles, Steve Glover HEAT 1: J.R. Hurlburt. Jeff Trombley, Kyle Smith, Josh Pieniazek, Jeremy Quick, Brett Jaycox, Jeremiah Munson, Darryl Ruggles HEAT 2: Cory Sparks, Josh Flint, Steve Glover, Mike Kiser, Dana Wagner, Dalton...more


Albany Saratoga Speedway Official Results - 09/09/2016 A-MAIN (25 Laps): CORY SPARKS (2), Josh Pieniazek, Brett Jaycox, Johnny Smith IV, Dana Wagner, Jeff Tombley, Kyle Smith, Josh Flint, Scott Goodrich, Dalton Herrick, Brain Krummel, Christian Rumsey, Tyler Jashembowski, Sydney Prince, Peter Dance, Jeremiah Munson, Rick Stone, Emily VanInwegen, Mike Kiser, Chuck Alessi, Art Kiser HEAT 1: Dana Wagner, Brett Jaycox, Kyle Smith, Josh Flint, Art Kiser, Emily VanInwegen, Jeremiah Munson HEAT 2:...more
Krummel Dominates CRSA Feature at Thunder Mountain

Krummel Dominates CRSA Feature at Thunder Mountain

CENTER LISLE, NY – Brian Krummel took full advantage of a great starting position on Saturday night at the Thunder Mountain Speedway to take the checkers in the 25-lap Champion Power Equipment CRSA A-Main. The Middletown, N.Y., pilot jumped to the lead early and never looked back while on his way to another series feature win. “Now that was cool,” stated Krummel. “That is what it’s all about. People held their lines pretty well. The track was really nice. There was an outside and an...more
Goodrich Wins Halaquist Memorial Race at I-88 Spee

Goodrich Wins Halaquist Memorial Race at I-88 Spee...

I-88 Speedway Official Results - 08/23/2016 A-MAIN (25 Laps): SCOTT GOODRICH (2), Josh Pieniazek, Dana Wagner, Josh Flint, Brain Krummel, Brett Jaycox, Bobby Hackel, Tyler Jashembowski, Eddie Strada III, Dustin Purdy, Peter Dance, Emily VanInwegen, Kyle Smith, Kelly Hebing, Matt Tanner, Darryl Ruggles, Sydney Prince, Thomas Radivoy, J.R. Hurlburt, Art Kiser, Dalton Herrick, Dan Hennessy, Mike Kiser, Cory Sparks DNQ: Jeff Trombley, Christian Rumsey, Michael Walsh, Ed Kelly, Frank Connelly,...more
Strada Captures 4th Checkered Flag of 2016 at Penn

Strada Captures 4th Checkered Flag of 2016 at Penn...

Penn Can Speedway Results - 08/19/2016 FEATURE (25 Laps): EDDIE STRADA III (4), Josh Pieniazek, Josh Flint, Billy VanInwegen Jr., Scott Goodrich, Thomas Radivoy, Brett Jaycox, Sydney Prince, Dalton Herrick, Kyle Smith, Tyler Jashembowski, Brian Krummel, Michael Walsh, Dana Wagner, Dustin Purdy, Emily VanInwegen, Chuck Alessi HEAT 1: Josh Flint, Eddie Strada III, Scott Goodrich, Dustin Purdy, Brett Jaycox, Emily VanInwegen HEAT 2: Chuck Alessi, Josh Pieniazek, Dalton Herrick, Dana Wagner,...more
Krummel Grabs Exciting First Win of 2016 at OCFS -

Krummel Grabs Exciting First Win of 2016 at OCFS -...

Orange County Fair Speedway – Quick Results – 8/06/2016 FEATURE (20 Laps): BRIAN KRUMMEL, Scott Goodrich, Christian Rumsey, Kyle Smith, Thomas Radivoy, Eddie Strada, Emily VanInwegen, Billy VanInwegen Jr., Brett Jaycox, Peter Dance, Dalton Herrick, Tyler Jashembowski, Dana Wagner, Jeremy Quick, Sydney Prince, Craig Pellegrini, Scott Flammer DNS: Chuck Alessi HEAT1: Kyle Smith, Jeremy Quick, Emily VanInwegen, Eddie Strada, Peter Dance, Brett Jaycox Heat2: Dana Wagner, Tyler Jashembowski,...more
Darryl Ruggles Outlasted Kyle Smith For Super Gen

Darryl Ruggles Outlasted Kyle Smith For Super Gen...

By Steve Ovens. A Don Romeo Photo. (Dundee, NY) – The Super Gen Products CRSA 305 Sprint Tour travelled as far West as the series will travel all season long, to Tyler Siri’s Outlaw Speedway for a twenty-five lap affair that thrilled the fans as Darryl Ruggles outlasted Kyle Smith for the victory. Mike Emhof Motorsports sponsored an increase purse for the CRSA tour teams to feast on, with thirteen teams making the trip West to compete at Outlaw’s Midsummer Meltdown event. Heat number one saw...more
CRSA Sprints Get Boost in Payout for Outlaw Speedw

CRSA Sprints Get Boost in Payout for Outlaw Speedw...

SODUS, NY – Mike Emhof Motorsports, Inc, parent company of CRSA Sprints, announced early on Tuesday that the Super Gen Products 305-sprint car series featuring Champion Power Equipment will offer a boost in payout to competitors at this Saturday’s race at the Outlaw Speedway. The CRSA Sprints are among the divisions competing in the Outlaw Super Saturday Special. The winner of the CRSA Sprints will receive a $500 payout with second place receiving $300, 3rd place - $250, 4th place - $225, and...more
Billy VanInwegen Takes CRSA Checkered Flag at Glen

Billy VanInwegen Takes CRSA Checkered Flag at Glen...

Glen Ridge Speedway Results – 7/22/2016 FEATURE (25 Laps): BILLY VANINWEGEN JR. , Cory Sparks, Josh Pieniazek, Dana Wagner, Eddie Strada III, Kyle Smith, Jeff Trombley, Peter Dance, Christian Rumsey, Dan Hennessy, Dalton Herrick, Emily VanInwegen, Brett Jaycox, Johnny Smith IV, Josh Flint, Tyler Jashembowski, Sydney Prince, Brian Krummel HEAT 1: Cory Sparks, Christian Rumsey, Dana Wagner, Josh Pieniazek, Jeff Trombley, Sydney Price HEAT 2: Billy VanInwegen Jr., Kyle Smith, Dalton Herrick,...more
Eddie Strada Picks Up His 3rd Win of '16 at Five M

Eddie Strada Picks Up His 3rd Win of '16 at Five M...

Five Mile Point Speedway Results – 7/16/2016 FEATURE (25 Laps): EDDIE STRADA , Scott Goodrich, Tyler Jashembowski, Josh Pieniazek, Jeff Trombley, Jeff Taylor, Josh Flint, J.R. Hurlburt, Dustin Purdy, Chuck Alessi, Emily VanInwegen, Sydney Prince, Dalton Herrick, Craig Pellegrini, Michael Walsh, Randy Sterling, Rick Stone, Brett Jaycox, Dana Wagner, Kyle Smith, Peter Dance HEAT 1: Josh Pieniazek, Jeff Taylor, Scott Goodrich, Chuck Alessi, Dustin Purdy, Peter Dance, Rick Stone HEAT 2: J.R....more
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