CRSA Sprint Cars Sign Super Gen Products/Champion Power Equipment as Title Sponsor

CRSA Sprint Cars Sign Super Gen Products/Champion Power Equipment as Title Sponsor

Marketing in motorsports has evolved into a fine-tuned machine of its own kind. You could not help but recognize the creativity and innovation in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series. We have seen it with drivers like Aric Almirola and his sponsor support. The team has gone as far as to make his steering wheel a sponsor plug. He has Smithfield Pork logos on the side of his steering wheel that faces the in-car camera.

The thought that is placed in marketing support is as important and as healthy as ever. Local motorsports have also become more aware with this over time. Paul Cole, owner of Super Gen Products in Newark, New York, is a clear leader and mentor in the business of motorsports marketing. His business is a Title Marketing Partner with the CRSA Sprint Tour as well as an Associate Marketing Partner with the Patriot Sprint Tour. Paul is a distributor of the Champion Power Equipment brand through Super Gen Products.

“Racing as a whole is the heart of the products we sell. Every racer out there that races dirt needs a pressure washer. They need to go clean the car off so they can get it ready for the next race. They can find out what is broken, bent and twisted. Of course we sell winches, which is something that hopefully not too many racers need to get back up on the hauler when they are done. If they had a bad night they might need those. So for the most part, directly dealing with racers is right in the heart of our sales line.”

Generators are a part of almost all race team trailers and pit stalls. Paul also recognizes that his business model will extend past the pit area and into speedway camping areas and grandstands. He knows the value of his product line with the local speedway fan base.

“You also have every other person out there that comes out to watch a race. A lot of them are campers. A lot of them are automotive or construction guys. Everybody that is a homeowner at some point is going to need power. Some people that go camping need camping tools. They use pressure washers. They use trash pumps. It is a great demographic for us to be involved with racing from both the front and the back-side of the track.”

Mr. Cole also touches on the importance of having Super Gen Products and Champion Power Equipment attached to the CRSA Sprint Tour. It is a constant cycle that can pay off greatly for the right sponsor.

“It builds repetition when you are watching the game or race on TV (or at the track). Every time that car goes by with that logo on it. It makes an impression. The more time you get around the track the more impressions you get. It allows people to keep your products in their minds when they are making their decisions to buy those types of items.”

Paul mentions how important advertising is in the highest levels of racing.
“NASCAR lives on that. Formula One lives on that. We are advertising there for a reason. We are not advertising just because it makes the car look pretty. That is something that we work delicately to make it happen. We built good marketing strategies and partners. We work with Mike Emhof with the CRSA and the Stark Family with GRIT. Both of them give us the opportunity to expand and build the platforms that they operate. At the same time, we get to sell products to their customers.”

There are businesses out there that may want to have their name associated with motorsports. Paul has some good advice for anyone looking to start a venture like this.

“It is just like anything else. You have to build a plan. You don’t just hand a guy money and put your name on a car. It has to have an impact both for the driver, the car owner and it has to have an impact for the business. If I own a small pub in Cortland for instance and I only sponsor things in Fulton, New York. That’s not going to bring people back to my pub in Cortland. That doesn’t mean you can’t sponsor. You can help out the local driver. He will have a following from the people that will come back to you. It just makes it difficult to put a lot of money into that. There are sponsors out there that are more regional that haven’t recognized the value of what that means. Some are national products. Some are more regional products.”

Paul Cole and Super Gen Products are true pioneers of marketing in the modern era of motorsports. Fans and teams can take a look at their products at Their phone contact is 315-573-7887. Their location is at 320 Hoffman Street, Newark, New York, 14513. They can also be found on Facebook.

Be sure to also look at the schedule for the CRSA Sprint Tour presented by Super Gen Products with Champion Power Equipment. This 305 Sprint Car organization may be making a stop at one of your local tracks in 2017. You can find their race schedule at

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